Glass Profile Endcaps

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  • Trans-Level Models
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Trans-Level Models TL-3010 of TL-3011 of TL-3031 of TL-3120 of TL-3121 of TL-4010 of TL-5010 of TL-6000 of TL-6020 of TL-6021 of TL-6030 of TL-6080 of TL-6081 of TL-6140 of TL-6141 of TL-6500 of TL-6501
Position Right of Left
Surface Mill Finish of Natural Anodized of RAL Shiny of RAL Structure of RAL Matt of RAL ARMOR (pre-anodized)
Endcap Type standard of for stairway of half heigh covercap of half heigh covercap for stairway of full height covercap of full height covercap for stairway